About Our Library


* Location: LWIS-CiS library is located in the administration (main) building of the school. It is divided into two sections: Elementary School section and Middle/Senior Schools section.

* Mission: We aim to create a hub of learning so that our learners can explore their creativity and interests as well as link their learning to the greater local and international community. We strive to foster an environment where collaboration, academic honesty and continued learning are encouraged. We constantly seek new and groundbreaking ways to provide information in various formats. The library staff members are dedicated to the best possible service of the interdisciplinary programs, students, staff and faculty.

* Librarian: Our librarian Mrs. Dania Tannir is a former homeroom teacher who loves children and books. She is a welcoming and helpful librarian who strives to keep the library a great meeting and learning place for learners, teachers and staff.

* Library Policies and Procedures:

A - Circulation Policies:

- Learners, teachers and staff may borrow up to 2 books for the duration of 2 weeks.

- The borrowing period can be extended only by the librarian when needed.

- Any lost or damaged book needs to be replaced/paid for (market price) by the borrower.

- The books must be checked out/in by the librarian. Hence, the borrower should not return the books to the shelves before having them checked first.

- The library laptops and/or personal devices are to be used for study/research purposes only.

B - Rules:

- Noise level should be minimal.

- Food and beverages are not allowed in the library.

- Browsing sticks should be used when browsing through the books.

- If a library user does not know the book’s exact place on the shelf, he/she should keep it on the table or at the librarian’s desk.

C - Opening Hours:

- The library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am till 2:30pm.